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Our 420 theme apparel and products are yours to customize, clothing, posters, mouse pads, greeting & birthday cards, etc.


Add some 420 Fun to your wardrobe...Lighten up a little~eh?
























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It all started with...Our Very First Game~!

Laughter is the best Medicine....



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Find all your 420 Dopplegangers before you go Bananas~! This is a very entertaining way to spend your time recovering from an illness or an operation. Or if you are just bored waiting in the Dr's office or wherever...take the time to not just play a game on your phone....use the time to exercise your mind! Fun and yes, addicting~but we have a recovery program called~ "Our Next Game" - duh~! (see below)

Each of our 420 Fun Games cost us money to make, but they will always free for you~!

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We design our games to be fun and challenging so that you enjoy keeping your mind SHARP and ALERT...


Our next project is called "The Original 420 Memory Game" Release Date: 04/20/18

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