The Original 420 Memory Game

Beta Edition

Move over Beer Pong~

The next game is cerebral~!

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Be part of our next ~Independent 420 Fun Games Project~ The Original 420 Memory Game Android & iPhone Release Date: 04/20/2018 Get the beta Party Edition and send us your comments and suggestions, become an influence in developing the Android/ios App! ~Video Your next Party Game~ We want to see a Grand Slam if you can! Send us a link to download it and we may just highlight Yours & give you a complementary Mug or T-shirt or some freaking thing or another... humble appreciation... Each game consists of 12 Tokens including 3 sets of "4's-2's-0's" and 1 set of 3 "jokers", instructions and a drawstring bag. Game preparation~: Turn all 12 Tokens "face down" so all the pieces look the same on the top side. Mix them up and then arrange them however you like in a grid pattern, i.e. 3x4 or 4x3 or 2x6 etc.. Rules: Each player must take turns turning over no less than 3 Tokens during each turn. They must try to reveal a set of 4-2-0 's or all 3 Jokers in sequence. If a player does revel 4-2-0 or the 3 Jokers in sequence then their turn continues and they must turn over no less than 3 more Tokens. If at any time a player turns over 3 Tokens and does not revel 4-2-0 or all 3 Jokers in sequence, then they must turn back over those 3 Tokens and relinquish their turn to the next player. The player with the most sets of 420 Tokens at the end is "THE WINNER" .....(1 set of Joker Tokens is worth 2 sets of 420 Tokens) Best practice~: It is good practice not to revel Tokens unnecessarily.... It is sometimes better to "sluff" your turn by turning over previously turned over Tokens rather than revel new ones to your opponent. However you must turn over no less than 3 Tokens each turn. "GRAND SLAM"... is when a player removes all 12 Tokens in just one turn. 420 Solitaire~: All by your self~? No Problem...Time yourself how long it takes you to clear the board, or just play a "Grand Slam Only " game ...if at any time you don't reveal 4-2-0 in have to turn all Tokens face down and mix them up before starting again PARTY EDITION~: Combine 2-3 or more- Original 420 Memory Games and you can play a "PARTY EDITION"~! Stay Sharp~: Play Daily to Help improve your Mind........© 2017....mTm